Full Auto Trigger Group AK47 AK74


Polish Surplus Military AK47 full auto fire control group with rate reducer. For use in pre 86 transferable and post dealer samples. All NFA rules apply. Includes military AKM stamped single hook trigger, rate reducer, full auto curved sear, full auto hammer, disconnector, axis pin, and auto sear trip spring. Can not be sold to those of you in the communist controlled (democrat) states of CA and WA. DO NOT PUT THESE IN YOUR SEMI-AUTO AK TO CONVERT IT TO FULL-AUTO IT IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE WHICH WILL RESULT IN 10 YEARS IN CLUB FED AND UP TO A $100,000.00 FINE. THESE ARE SOLD AS POST CONVERSION REPLACEMENT PARTS. FFL HOLDERS ARE EXEMPT FROM ANY RESTRICTIONS IN CA AND WA.
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