CZ 75-B Custom Built Competition or Excellent Range Pistol All Cajun GunWorks Upgraded Parts


CZ 75B fully customized 9mm pistol. We have taken a factory new CZ 75 and turned it into the perfect gun for range, competition, hunting, or home defense. We only use quality parts from Cajun GunWorks in our custom CZ builds. CGW has a reputation of producing the finest CZ aftermarket parts on the planet. Work completed includes CGW Pro Package Which Includes All Below * CGW Short Reset System (SRS) ***Cuts the SA reset approximately 50%. *CGW Reach Reduction Kit Includes New modified 85C combat trigger New CGW RRK disconnector *CGW Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring ***Reduced power trigger return spring. Reduces the DA an amazing 1/2 pound, yet still delivers a quick, positive reset. A more durable replacement for the breakage prone stock spring. *CGW's exclusive floating trigger pin. ***Made from heat treated tool steel hardened to RC-50. *Reduced power firing pin block spring. ***This unique spring is so light, yet effective, you almost can't perceive the FPB in single action *CGW Perfection Firing Pin ***The OEM firing pin and soft sheet metal retaining pin have long been known to be a weak link in the CZ. With repeated dry firing, the retaining pin will deform and eventually break. The FP "peens" and will also break, which always occurs where the FP narrows to a small taper. Lastly, the slot cut for the retaining pin does not follow the radius of the retaining pin, clearly a factory design over sight. *CGW 12# Hammer Spring. ***Reduces the trigger pull even more and guaranteed to light any primer. *CGW Adjustable Sear A CGW exclusive part that revolutionized CZ gunsmithing. Made from premium high carbon steel, heat treated, and mirror polished. Makes installation of the CGW Race hammer or the CZC Competition hammer fool-proof. The CGW adjustable sear does not “adjust” the trigger pull in any way. The heat treated adjustment only allows the manual safety to work perfectly when installing a performance hammer. CGW Race Hammer CGW’s popular Race Hammer. Hammers start out as billet blanks, are Electron Discharge Machined (EDM), precision surface ground, heat treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45), then finished in a deep black oxide for a beautiful appearance. Typical SA drop in pull weight is 3.4 – 3.10 pounds. 11 Degree Target Crown Has Been Cut Into Barrel. Not that it increases an already laser like pistol accuracy, but mainly because all high end pistols come that way. All trigger action parts were polished to a mirror finish on all mating surfaces. We have turned a very good pistol an excellent pistol with an unbelievable trigger that is usually only found on guns costing hundreds if not a thousand more. Further reduction in trigger pull is possible with an easy to do hammer spring swap but then the gun may not be 100% reliable. As this one sits now it's 100% reliable with any and all primers, the trigger will make 99% of the users happy, and if you want it lighter the hammer spring can be changed out in under 5 minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver. Specs on the gun over the above work are as follows: Manufacturer: CZ-USA Model #: CZ 75 B Black Polycoat Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol Finish: Black Polycoat Stock: Black Plastic Grips Sights: Fixed 3 Dot Sight Barrel Length: 4.7" Overall Length: 8.1" Weight: 34.78 oz Caliber: 9MM Capacity: 16+1 Action: Double Action # of Mags: 2 Packaging: Plastic Case Receiver: Steel Frame Features: Safety Stop on Hammer Most Popular Pistol for L/E Agencies Worldwide Single Action Pull 3.2# Double Action Pull 6.8# Zero pre-travel double action Zero Over-travel Reset is simply amazing. CGW parts have a lifetime warranty. Shipping $22.50 lower 48 states insured Priority Mail to your FFL
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