Yugo M72 RPK Chrome Lined Heavy Barrel With Fins Full Hardened 1.5mm Receiver Bi-Pod Matching Numbers -IN PRODUCTION-


This rifle is in production meaning it is being built and will be ready to ship in about two weeks. If your interested please contact us as there are a few options you can choose in the final product such as colors or style, optics, muzzle brakes, etc. What we have is a Yugo M72 RPK. All the parts numbers match. We will be using a chrome lined Green Mountain heavy barrel with cooling fins. Overall length is 21.5" without the brake. The receiver is made from AK-Builder 1.5mm flats and is fully salt bath hardened to military specs. Fully adjustable sights. The parts for this rifle are in good to excellent condition and once it's refinished it will appear as good or better than the day it left the factory. The bipod is included as is one 40 round magazine and one 30 round magazine. The finish will be cerakote. All factory stainless parts will be polished. The photos are FOR DEMONSTRATION ONLY! This rifle is not completed yet and it will be ready to ship in about two weeks. The buyer is not expected to pay in full until the rifle is ready to go. Photos of the actual rifle will be posted once it is completed. We don't usually list products until they are ready to ship, however these are getting very hard to find and the market for any weapon of this type is very tight right now. All parts to complete this rifle are in hand or on a truck heading our way. Price shown is for a basic built one color finished rifle. Unusual patterns, better brakes, different magazines, optic rails, etc. may change the final asking price. Buy with confidence. We have been selling quality products here for several years and previous customers have always been very happy with the finished product. We stand behind what we sell and are always happy to answer questions. Shipping will be actual costs. Estimate anywhere from $35 to $75 for ground UPS from central FL to your location.
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