AK47 Rifle Battlefield Pick-Up Romanian VPG Pistol Mitraliera model 1963 Matching Numbers Trench Art


This rifle was built from the ground up by DNS Guns & Suppressors. We started with a battlefield proven Romanian parts kit with matching numbers. These parts came from a increasingly hard to find conflict rifles. All serial numbers match. The parts were mated to our fully hardened USA made receiver that has the embossed Y and I markings of a true full auto military rifle. We do the harding in house using our digitally controlled kilns. These are not spot heated with a torch and a bucket of water, which will work but is not the way they are built by a real armory. This rifle has been Cerakoted using type H heat cured finish in AK Black. AK-Black is a custom mixed color that duplicates the look of the original factory finish. Cerakote is a true ceramic firearms finish that is used by all major manufacturers for its durability and rust proofing qualities. It is totally resistant to all solvents period. The only way to remove Cerakote is to blast it off using original oxide and high pressure air. (sandblasting) This rifle accepts all standard AK-47 type mags, including drums. It comes with the standard 30 round magazine. We use type single hook triggers for zero trigger slap and a sweet 2-3 pound pull. The receiver is mated to a USA hard chrome lined barrel. This rifle has the look of the orgional including the crude trench art carved into the stock, handguard, and pistol grip. It has the orgional bayonet lug. This rifle is as close to a full auto battlefield rifle as you can legally purchase today in this country. It has just enough parts to remain 922R legal even when using surplus magazines. Full Specs: USA Chrome Lined 16" Barrel Built on FULLY HARDENED USA Receiver Orgional Wood Furniture with Trench Art Bayonet Lug Cerakote Finish 2lb Trigger Pull Accepts all AK mags Including Drums 7.62x39 caliber Matching Serial Numbers Like most rifles we produce this rifle is BANNED in socialist controlled states run by the Democrat party. Unfortunately we can not ship the firearm to your dealer if you live in one of these anti-freedom loving states, your only option is to either move to free America or come to our location and buy it for use outside the state you call home. Florida law does allow you to buy rifles for use outside your state but you will have to come to us to purchase and transfer it to you. We will not modify the gun by adding ridiculous parts mandated by morons that have no idea whats what on any firearm. Modifications to disable user friendly features like detachable magazines, heat shields, etc. only make the gun harder and more dangerous to use properly. Support your second amendment rights by never voting for any candidate running on the democrat ticket. Flat rate $40 ground Shipping to lower 48
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