Learn To Build Your Own AK-47 Style Rifle From The Ground Up

Everyone can assemble an AR15 type rifle at home in a few hours. It's much like a Lego set. Parts only fit one way, they always fit within spec, and your rifle will operate just like any other AR type rifle your buddy has. The AR15 is a great rifle no doubt. It is accurate, great controls, simple in its operation, and very easy to make changes to. Other than being just like every other rifle like it what's not to like? Right? 

We have decided to open our shop up to those of you who would like to build something different. That something is a rifle with soul. A rifle that is more of a work of art than just another rifle. A rifle that YOU YOURSELF built starting with a pile of demilled parts and a flat piece of sheetmetal. Something you can take to the range or show your friends and proudly say I built this rifle.

You will not need any tools as we will supply everything you need. Unlike many AK build classes offered you will be working with us one on one. We don't have the room to have several people trying to complete a rifle in a day, and classes doing that are usually forced into having a lot of the rifle pre-made. This class isn't like that. You pay a deposit and decide what type of AK variant you want to build. As long as that style of rifle is available we will secure the parts and you will build your rifle using those parts.

You will bend your receiver from an AK flat for the type of rifle you wish to build. We have the tooling for this and will instruct and supervise you while you stamp out your receiver. You will grind away any excess metal on the included rails before you spot weld the rails into the receiver.

You will drill out the pin holes on your receiver and get everything ready to use our heat treating oven to fully fully harden your receiver. You will be there and participate in the entire process of hardening your receiver. Once these steps are completed you will begin the process of riveting the front and rear trunnions into the receiver. We will be there with you along the way to assure your doing it correctly, but we WILL NOT do it for you. This is YOUR rifle and YOUR build and YOU will get it done. You will then install the trigger guard and magazine release. Some kits leave the magazine release together, some you have to do it. No worries, we will be there to help.

Once the receiver is ready to go you will assemble the barrel components by pressing them into place. You will then press the barrel into the receiver, set the proper headspace, drill all the pin holes, and press the pins into place. At this stage your rifle is about 90% finished. Most AK's on the market are finished in a military finish called parkerizing. While that is an ok finish we don't like using it and prefer cerakote for it's durability and multitude of color choices. Cerakote is a baked finish and not something we can teach in one shot or expect anyone to do right the first time. For the finish on your rifle we will take care of that step and have you finish final assembly after the rifle comes out of our curing oven.

Once your rifle is ready to go we will take you down to our range and you will break it in. You will go home with a rifle you truly built and full bragging rights.

Legal Stuff

DNS Guns is an 07 manufacturer. We can not allow you to use our shop and equipment to build a so called ghost gun. The rifle you build will be a serialized rifle and it will appear in our bound book. You will have to fill out a 4473 and pass a required background check just like you were buying a complete rifle from our inventory. This is the ONLY legal way we can offer a class like this.


How long will this take?

Average time from start to finish for an AK style rifle is 4 days. This does not mean you will spend four full days working on the rifle. However the hardening process will consume a day by the time the full tempering process is complete. You will not have to sit and watch that process. Your actual time with hands on will probably be around 12-15 hours. We will spread this over a few days if need be, or a few weekends if it suits your schedule. This is a one on one class so the schedule is really up to the builder, YOU.

How Much Does This Cost?

Cost for this class is $750.00 plus the actual cost of the parts of your model of AK. AK kits with a barrel run between $200-$500 with the average being around $300. You can bring your own parts kit if you wish. The $750 class fee includes the flat, rivets, and center support needed to finish any parts kits.